Tuesday, September 6, 2016


School started last week and it was met with loads of craziness!

Getting used to schedule changes, new faces and new routines.  My little boy started kindergarten this year, which is so exciting (and stressful).  In each little kindergartner that has come through the door this year, I can't help but imagine my own little boy.  The nervousness, the excitement, and the structure.

I am working on so many things this year, just trying to be better.  Always trying to be better.  Each day has it's own feeling of newness.  I can't let myself lose that. Let it push me.

In the next month lots of new beautiful work to be posted.  The kiddos started creating today and there are going to pictures of their work.  Second graders created some fun pictures working with space, first graders created beautiful fish with different types of line, which served as a review, and the fourth graders are learning about Frank Stella and his connection to North Carolina.

So that is about it in a nutshell.  Third is going over procedures and kindergarten are walking in for the first time.  Stay tuned for pictures and updates on what lessons we are working on.

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