Friday, September 21, 2012

Warhol in the house!!

I put up a quick window display this morning with Campbell tomato soup cans that I picked up from Target yesterday.  They are anniversary edition cans featuring the colors from his iconic print.  I put up a quick print I had that an explanation of pop art and whipped out some signs.  This display was so fun and I am going to use the cans in an upcoming project with fifth grade (maybe even other grades) to draw cylinders and paint the labels using neon paint and Sharpies to write on the wording.  Fun stuff. 
Better yet...I am finding that awesome art teacher groove.  The one where the projects are fun, the kids are doing great work and the day seems to fly by because everyone is enjoying themselves.

1 comment:

  1. A great display - I've been seeing people blog about these cans, but I don't think they're available in Australia :( Never mind they are still inspiring - neon paints should work really well - I'm looking forward to seeing your finished results! :)