Thursday, October 25, 2012

Another fun Pinterest lesson

I came across this lesson on Pinterest-I know, you are shocked!  So the original post was from, and there was no additional information with the picture.  I decided to use 2nd grade for this project and the results were great. We did a review of lines before the lesson and talked about the bird being a silhouette. They used a template on black construction paper, a quick cut and glue onto white paper.  Then used markers to draw lines, which we wet with a brush, making the lines blur and bleed a little.   This lesson was a big hit and they enjoyed having about 5-10 minutes getting to go to free draw area to read a book or draw on a dry erase board after they cleaned their tables off.  Here are the pictures of the work. 


  1. I've seen this on pinterest also and ear marked it for the future. it's a lovely project - visually effective, easy to prep and little clean up - perfect to have on hand for the other half of those lessons that only need 15 minutes to finish off!

  2. I agree! I thought the lesson was pretty and I had the bird template waiting for a good project.

  3. I love the variety of lines! Nicely done :).