Friday, December 14, 2012

Fabulous Friday!

Today has turned into a great day!

The PTSO voted to give me a grant with boxtop and fundraiser money and bought me an iPad and an adapter for a camera.  So exciting!  I am looking forward to ordering some fun new things and materials for the kids.  I have been looking at Apps and cool ideas for the kids to do some interactive art projects in conjunction with technology.  A HUGE THANK YOU to the PTSO for thinking of me and the kids this year!  We are going to make so much beautiful artwork!

Also, I am loving the watercolor paintings of the NC lighthouses by my 4th graders. These are a sampling of the beautiful pictures by my kids.  I am going to use these as my Art by Me project for the 4th graders.  They will look beautiful printed on tote bags and iPad covers!

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