Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Good to be back

I walked away from this.  
I realized I really missed sharing the great things my kids were doing in art.  The summer was spent loving on my little guy and hanging out at the lake with the family, but I did manage to do quite a bit of work for the new school year.
I came back with plans and changes.
We have a new schedule.  An eight day rotation, which changes things a lot more than one might think.  This required new ideas.  New projects.  And a new attitude!  No more frustration over the things I can't change (testing and new grading system).  I am enjoying the process of making art and trying to remind myself daily that I can not carry the weight of the world-I only have two hands.
So I am doing some fun stuff with the kids.  Currently working on pumpkin and fall tree related projects that are awesome!  I am getting the nerve to do 4 different plaster of Paris projects with my fifth graders.  It is exciting!
I hope you will come back by and check out the progress and pictures.  Leave a comment.  And come on back-ya hear!

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