Friday, November 8, 2013

Happy Friday and Happy Veteran's Day!

I will probably not post anything due to the holiday for a few days, but I did want to say a "Thank You!" to the veteran's out there.  I think regardless of the shape of the nation and current political views we owe these individuals our appreciation for their service.  I remind myself sometimes of this when it seems like a difficult day, that I did not spend my day in a hostile environment, thousands of miles from home and at the end of the day I pick up my son and return to normal, family life.
Enjoy the day and thank a veteran!

This is what has been going on in art since my last posts.
Trees, sunflowers and lots of good messy fun.

We are working on creating plaster of Paris, Trees of Life.  They were not looking too good at first but then suddenly, almost by magic (and a little extra explanation) they became trees.  We worked on getting the plaster strips around the base and will finish the branches next time.  Then the painting and adding sequins!  So much fun!!
Kindergarten are doing something totally different and unlike my normal routine.  I am giving them paint in small plastic cups and showing them how to paint sunflowers.  They are only getting brown and yellow paint and I would not let them rinse the brush.  Crazy right!  I let them work with what was on the brush and the result was beautiful sunflowers.  We then set them to the side and talked about fall landscapes.  We looked at pictures of the changing trees, pumpkin patches, scarecrows, and any other fall images we could think of.  I explained why the leaves are changing colors and they got to just draw a picture.  It has been somewhat unstructured, but very rewarding!  Lots of beautiful images!  Hope the fun continues!

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