Thursday, November 21, 2013

Yelling is not ok-especially from the teacher

I have posted about this before, but I hate when I lose my patience and yell.  It is the weakest moment.  This morning had computer issues and then the first graders came in.  Very sweet kids that don't follow directions well. I did not mean to, but I finally lost patience after simple directions were not being followed.  Things that we have done all year long and suddenly the lovely child decides they no longer understand what they are supposed to do and then they either stand looking lost or just do the wrong thing entirely.  Like picking up materials.  I like to think that my patience level is high, but I think even the best of us get worn down.  This was a catalyst for the morning.  I had a morning wrought with students that would not follow directions.  Directions listed on the board, numbered steps, and then when I would tell them they were not following directions and where they went wrong.  The headshakes of understanding would happen and then they would do the exact same thing they were doing before. 
I know it is not right to let the frustration get to me.  We all have human moments.  I am working on strategies for their next class time so this will stop happening.  That is what a good teacher does, right?

Praises for the day... great projects happening.

We are painting owls.  So fun!

Also, this is a project I am planning to do.  I have not decided with whom I am doing it.  I am leaning toward 5th graders or 3rd graders. Again, a super fun project!  I did birds and the music teacher suggested they could also do fish and make it an underwater scene with the same ideas.  I have lots of ideas in mind for this one.  I love the mixed media and how we are using some recycled material and I have had this felt around for ages-finally going to put it to use.

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