Thursday, December 5, 2013

Art Display, Tree of Life and Starry Night Cookies

I have been so busy lately.  Of course, I am sure that is what everyone is thinking.  Here are pictures of artwork at the county office.  I hope the employees enjoy the artwork as much as I have.  These are very talented kids this year. 

Also on a personal note, I am including a picture I painted for my niece.  She was really interested while I was doodling during church (I know I should be more mature, but I can't help it.) and I thought she would like a painting of what I was drawing.  It is based on the Tree of Life painting by Klimt and it just made me so happy to paint for fun. 
Last, but not least, these are the gingerbread cookies I baked for my son's preschool class.  I did gingerbread kids and stars.  I used the writing icing to draw "Starry Night" swirls on the stars.  I am really enjoying this holiday season!

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