Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What's going on

 There is something about writing on the board and putting posters up that still feels "teachery".  I love my dry erase board.  I know a lot of teachers in the county have Smart Boards and are in the technology movement and I would embrace the movement, if I was offered, but until then I still like my board.  These are various questions and how-to explanations for different grade levels.  I forget some kids have an easier time reading than by me explaining. 

I am holding up the Leaning Tower (haha)!  This is me trying to get some ideas about how to do the second lesson in my Trip Around the World Unit.  This unit has first graders studying about different landmarks around the world and I thought it would be fun to throw in a  lesson where the kids learn to take a picture, as well as draw a picture.  One student is are going to pose while another student takes their picture of them holding up the tower.  Last year I showed the kids pictures of people doing the same thing and explained it was popular for tourists to do when they visited the site.   They drew pictures of themselves holding up the tower and were so creative that I decided to do it again.  I plan to make the tower projection bigger and hopefully the kids a little smaller in comparison, but I think they will enjoy the project.  Fun times ahead!

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