Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Aztec artwork by Third Graders

I decided to take a different direction with a theme I have done for years.  I love teaching third graders about Ancient Egyptian artwork.  I have done all kinds of things.  Masks, jewelry and pyramids made of sand.  All these different approaches and big units.  They took a while.  I have used the Smart Board to create a backdrop for the students to learn photography skills.  This year, I reworked it to fit this school.
One thing I thought would be cool is to do the lesson about Aztec warriors featured on Deep Space Sparkle.  I have a large Hispanic population here and I thought they would be interested in artwork that originated in an area that would have been significant to them.  I used this lesson and an Egyptian lesson to compare art from to historically significant cultures.
This lesson has been really fast paced and used some standards that I previously had not done a great job in teaching.  The comparison part is coming at the end.  We are just creating the figures right now.  These are the some of the Aztec warriors.
Aren't they fantastic.  Plus, kids love anything they can draw a spear or shield.

We are working on Egyptian profile images with a big focus on the headdress.  The kids are enjoying it and we can then compare differences in the artwork using stuff like Venn Diagrams or other charts or graphs (the stuff that shows data).  

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