Monday, April 4, 2011

In the Spring of Things

I am completely ready for spring.  I am getting all of my students creating something that has bright colors in it.  My fifth graders are working on "Sunflowers", by Vincent van Gogh. The fourth graders are learning about the N.C. Lighthouses and are going to start those watercolor painting next class time.  My lower grades are embracing spring pictures the most-with pictures of kite flying and bright pattern cats.  I should have some pictures to post soon of their completed pictures.  
We are all looking so forward to our Spring/ Easter Break that it is a little hard to stay motivated.  Warmer weather is definitely giving the kids the fever to be anywhere but the classroom and everyone is a little restless.  
Today seems to be one of those days where I am better off taking my planning book home and finishing things tonight.  I think I have accomplished all the good I can here today.  Maybe I will get out and enjoy the warm weather.  :)

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