Thursday, September 22, 2011

The art teacher within

So the art teacher within is actually ready to come out.  I have been away from my classes since May 16.  Our son made his debut early and I took a little extra time off when school started this year.  I have loved being mommy!  Staying home with him has been a blessing, one that I wish I could do for longer, but I will say I miss my job.  I love being an art teacher.  Since I have been out I decided to work on my program.  Look for exciting new ideas to try and see what other art teachers are up to.  I have come across some projects that have gotten my creative juices going.  And while I still wish I could stay home and be mommy all day, everyday, I know the sitter is going to be wonderful.  I am really looking forward to letting the art teacher within back out to play.

And by the way, if anyone is wondering how the art teacher is going to function with so many classes and a little one at home--coffee!  Lots and lots of coffee!

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