Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I joined Pinterest

I am super excited to have joined pinterest.  I love the pictures of artwork and the other cool stuff.  Now I just need time to go through all the amazing images.  I don't really have any pictures to upload because I have spent the last week getting used to which students are in which class and introducing new lessons.  I am hoping to take pictures of completed artwork in a day or so.  The other thing I have to show for a week and a half of  work is a neat desk and work area.  I managed to put lesson plans up from last year (since I left suddenly) and straighten up the supply room a little.  I also managed to do a year plan for each of the grade level.  They are supposed to paint the walls of the classroom in a week or so, which is the only reason I have not put up new artwork.  I will definitely post pictures with my next entry.

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