Wednesday, November 9, 2011

World Wide Web

Hey there world!  I can say this because I was learning more about using my blog and learned that people from other parts of the world have looked at my blog.  I think this is super cool!!  It makes me want to step up my game so I can make a good impression.  
Anyway, for those of you a little closer to home who are checking out the blog because your child is in my class, you will be happy to know the classroom was painted on Wednesday of last week and it looks really clean in here.  I thought about how I wanted to put things back up before going stapler crazy.  I love the new look.  I am on the look out for cool new pieces of art to put on  display on our shelves.  Projects are in full force with fall tree paintings, the completion of the mandala project, second graders learning how to correctly hold a ruler to draw a straight line (no easy task).  The kindergartners are creating really fun Hungry Caterpillars based on Eric Carle's book.  They are working on cutting skills.  It won't be long before the room is filled with the smell of clay.  
Gearing up for Thanksgiving break!  I am looking forward to some days home with my family and some delicious food. 

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