Friday, November 18, 2011

Trying out a new look-I think I like it!

I tried out a new look I think it will help kick my creativity into gear.  Plus, I feel like my kids are needing a creativity kick.  So I thought first let me address the problem with me first.  Step one: re-evaluate my lessons.  Are the kids engaged?  Are they understanding the activity?  What things can I change with my routine.
Step two: If lesson is okay, then what can I do to make the students more interested in completing the project?
Step three: Stop stressing, recognize the good that is happening and fix what is not working.

I am tweaking some lessons and hoping that maybe it is just the pre-Thanksgiving, ready for Christmas mood that has set in.

Fun stuff that is happening this week.  Fifth graders are beginning Tree of Life study by Gustav Klimt.  Fourth grade pictures of mandalas should arrive soon.  Kindergarten-Third are using mixed media especially in the form of crayon resist.  Fun times ahead!

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