Monday, November 28, 2011

Upcoming. . . . . .

I am getting ready to use clay this week. Thursday will be the first of the clay projects this year.  First graders are making sea dragons.  I did this last year for the first time and the project almost ended in disaster but I managed to save the day by hot gluing their pieces to a square of cardboard and letting them paint it like water. Second graders will be creating "Not So Flat Stanleys" soon and that is always a fun project. I am hoping to do some things for me for Christmas gifts since my hands will already be dirty and the materials will already be out.  I am going to try and make some spoon rests and ring holders this year for people.  It would be great if I could sell a few while I am at it but I will see how it goes.  I have some beautiful stamps that I am going to try to work with.  It seems like once clay comes out the year goes even quicker.  I think it is because it makes the class period go by quick and therefore makes the day goes faster. 
I love playing Christmas music in the classroom this time of year-I wish they did not play the same songs over and over all day.  The kids love to listen while they are working and it cuts down on some of the talking in some classes.  There is a local station that plays jazz music that I can get in my car but not in the classroom, which is a bummer.  Just curious-does anyone else play music in their classroom and if you do what do you play? 

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