Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas trees and candy canes

We are as busy as elves in Santa's workshop.  I decided to take a detour from the projects each grade was working on and let the kids have a little fun.  I came across some neat pictures on Pinterest and decided to use them for the students projects this week.  They are tracing some trees and candy canes and creating designs in each section.  Just having a little fun but still working with overlapping and pattern.  The kindergarteners and first graders are doing a picture of a snowman with some cutting and gluing.  Just enjoying the week before Christmas break.  They are a little chatty and excited anyway-they can't help it, it is in the air like electricity.  I think the only way they could be more excited were if it started snowing outside.  I think they needed a day like this-a free draw with direction and a little conversation time with their friends.  Though once we come back in January it will be cracking the whip and back to focus on different artists, art movements and techniques.

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