Friday, December 2, 2011

Oh the day I have had

So today has been a good day, hardworking kids and completed projects.  I have pictures of some of the fun crayon resist projects the students have been doing.  Though earlier today I had a near disaster with my fourth grade class.  We are doing this cool project called "Visit to an Art Museum", this picture uses some stamps of famous artwork.  I noticed the stamp pads were not inking the stamps very well so I decided to put some India ink on them.  Number one this idea did not prove to be successful.  Number two the bottle slipped out of my hand creating an eruption of ink, hitting two girls.  They were very understanding and we washed off the spots from their clothes the best we could, but I told them India ink does not always come out of clothes.  I told them if it does not to tell their parents to send me the bill for the clothing.  I felt awful!  Usually they would have put aprons on or we would use washable paint but this was not supposed to be the kind of thing that they needed protective clothing for.  At least the day is almost done and there are two classes remaining-hopefully they will be smoother sailing!
Here are pictures of the crayon resist we have been doing.

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