Monday, January 23, 2012

New Year, new 9 weeks and new projects

Wow, I have been gone too long!  Updates galore.  We are about to start the 3rd nine weeks and students are going to start new projects and units.  All of the students are creating a heart magnet inspired by Jim Dine.  They are coloring them anyway they want with any medium.  I am going to have a mini art fundraiser at the next PTA night and I am going to use this opportunity to put pictures that show what the kids are doing in art class and the types of things we are learning about.  The magnets may be purchased for $1 and the proceeds are going to the art department.  I am about to start new units and some new clay projects.  I am planning to incorporate coil pots into the third grade plan.  Plus, I want to do a weaving project with the students at some point.  It is going to be busy, I just hope I can keep up.  Until then please enjoy the photos of some of the projects my students have completed.  There are pictures of sea dragons created by first graders and Klimt inspired trees.

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