Tuesday, January 24, 2012

More pictures

Today is the last workday for a while and I certainly made it count.  My to do list is completely marked through!  These pictures are the last lesson my fourth graders have been working on.  I called the lesson "A Trip to the Art Museum", but I incorporated printmaking and drawing people in motion.  I ordered these stamps (they come in a set of 5) and they feature famous works of art : "Sunflowers" ,"Starry Night", "The Mona Lisa", "American Gothic" and "The Scream".  The kids chose the three they liked the best and stamped them to look as if they were hanging in a museum.  We then talked about using a stick person as a foundation and building the up to be 3-dimensional and in different types of movement.  The kids did great!  I picked a few to put on the blog that really impressed me.  One student actually made the reflection in the floor for the people and another student drew a kid running from a parent chasing them through the museum-too funny.  This lesson was a great way to incorporate art history, printmaking and figure drawing!  


  1. I love this-it would be a great way to wrap up a year's worth of learning about the work of many famous artists! Pinned to Pinterest! :)

  2. Thank you so much! My kids think it is awesome by the way that an art teacher in Vancouver liked their artwork!