Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hearts in Art!!!

My second-fifth graders are working hard creating heart magnets for sale to raise money for the art department.  I am loving them!!  First students are learning about the heart paintings by Jim Dine, then they are designing their own heart.  I am using recycled cardboard for the hearts and I bought pre-cut magnets with adhesive backs to make life easier and then I am putting Mod-Podge on them to make them shiny.  I hope that for a dollar each magnet get sold.  I am planning to buy digital cameras to incorporate photography skills into the lessons.  Here is one class' magnets.  I love how everyone created something different and unique! I got the idea from a blog I saw earlier-I am sorry I don't remember the name, but they created houses and used scrap paper.  Same principle different materials.  So far so good and I will let everyone know how the fundraiser goes.  Happy creating!

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