Tuesday, November 13, 2012

More Owls

This was a really great lesson that worked out perfectly with the kindergarten pacing guide.  I came across pictures of owls on pinterest where the artist made owls out of scrap metal.  One owl in particular stood out, where the artist used old jar lids. http://findmakedo.blogspot.co.uk/2010/08/focus-on-art.html
I liked the idea of the kids using different sized plastic lids and tracing circles-this was a great follow up to the pumpkins the week before and it required more reasoning of largest to smallest ordering.  I have plenty of construction paper and could get by cutting a lot in half.  This lesson I tried out first with my self contained students.  SUCCESS!!  Everyone loved it and I was able to trouble shoot some things like taking out one of the circles in the eye, which for some reason really made a stumbling block for the kindergarteners.  They loved making their owls and we were looking at a project with 98% success rate.  Plus, it reinforced what the classroom teachers were working on with circles and triangles.  I can tell you this is a repeat lesson.  Anyone interested in the actual plan I used is welcome to it (I will email you), but one look at the pictures and you can figure it out in two seconds.  Enjoy!

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