Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A few new pictures before we all leave for Thanksgiving Break

I am heading out the door in the next 30 minutes for a needed break.  Looking forward to eating some good food and enjoy family.

Next week will end the fall pictures and kick off the winter themed art.  I love the fall the most but I have some great ideas from Pinterest and other art teacher blogs that I am looking forward to doing with the kids.

Here are a few pictures of our outer space pictures this year.  I have done this lesson for years because third grade does a unit with outer space.  This year has been my favorite so far.  I have always used the Hubble site for images of things in space, but this year with the assistance of the projector and computer, I found mini movies on their website.  These are great!  People who actually know what the pictures are explaining things in short 3-10 minute video clips.  The kids were blown away by the images of black holes, the planets and different galaxies.  With the remaining time they drew and colored their outer space with the construction paper crayons on black paper.  They the second day of the lesson, I showed them pictures of space shuttles and how to draw them.  They drew, colored and cut out the rockets.  They used small pieces of paper to make the space shuttles pop-up off the page.  They loved the 3-D effect and the project was done in 2 days.  I used to do a crayon resist that seemed to drag on for some reason.  I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Happy Thanksgiving friends!

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