Thursday, February 21, 2013

Jaded art teacher

It has reached that dreaded time of the school year when there are no breaks in sight, words like "testing schedule" and "EOG's" are being heard through the halls and you have exhausted your patience for kids that don't want to work.
The climate of teaching has changed in the last ten years.  My role as art teacher has expanded beyond what I thought it would be and it is hard not to get frustrated with the system.
This year our school has a lot of student teachers-they are so fresh out of the box!  Everything is so exciting and all the theories and great ideas they have in their heads haven't been squashed yet.  I hope some of their enthusiasm for teaching rubs off on me in the next few days to remind me that what we do for the kids makes a difference.  I hope in fifteen years these kids don't remember the tests but the fun they had in art class.

Here are some pictures of the cool things going on in the art room. 

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