Thursday, December 19, 2013

Reflections of the art teacher

The end of the year always brings reflections.  Sometimes they become resolutions and good intentions.  I don't make resolutions, but last year I reflected on things that I wanted to improve and some of them actually stuck.  One thing was to be healthier.  Quit drinking soda like it was going out of style.  I indulge once in a while, but not the 20 oz. I was drinking everyday.  Started doing Zumba.  I love it.  So much fun to shake all the stress out for an hour class. 
Another thing I reviewed was teaching style.  Things that worked and things to change.  This year I did things very different and some have gone well.  Letting the kids do different jobs has been pretty good.  Leaving my comfort zone and trying new media has been fun.  All the quirks are not worked out but they are getting there. There has been a desire to do new things again.  Try or fail but a reminder of what being a fun art teacher is all about. 
I also have to reflect on things personally.  My personal life is one that is very happy and in a good place.  Husband and kiddo at home make me smile!  They are both an awesome blessing to me.  My spirit is renewed in the evening and the morning brings a readiness to have a great day at work and return home to them.  With a  son that is 2 and a 1/2, it is easy to get tired and frustrated, but he is my joy!  He shares a love for painting and sometimes in the evening we just paint.  I hope that 2014 brings wonderful new experiences and happy memories.  I wish the readers of my blog a Merry Christmas and blessings for the new year!

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