Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Awesome Artists and Awesome Athletes

I was honored this year to do a t-shirt design for our kids participating with the special olympics.  I had the idea to have the kids draw a picture of how they see themselves.  I gave them a tiny piece of paper and let them only draw with a pencil.  I then took their little pictures and arranged them on one piece of paper.  I traced exactly what they drew.  Every little line was recorded.  It was beyond sweet when finished.  I showed the PTA, since they are involved in creating the shirts.  They loved it!  Plus, the PE teacher came up with the slogan on the front-collaboration at it's best!  This picture below is the first grouping I created.  I did modify it after I started tracing, but did not take another picture.  It is still pretty sweet!
Together we are all winners!

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