Monday, March 24, 2014

Art by Me time!!

Look at all those permission slips!

I have been so hard at work trying to get this finished-still not done, but I am closer.  This is a great program and I am really excited I get to offer the opportunity to my students, but it is a huge amount of work for lil' ol' me! 
The company, Art by Me, takes the kids artwork and puts in on things for the parents (and anyone else with the information) can order.  The artwork is not even the difficult part.  It is the paper work!  Mounds of it.  Permission slips and special information written by yours truly.  Time consuming! 
This on top of the weather!  It won't stop freezing and snowing!!  There are some kids I only saw one time this 9 weeks due to inclement weather.  This is so hard when you are really working at getting things done.  Finally, the worst of the worst, the stomach bug!  A bug that will not go away.  It has struck my entire family, it is cycling it's way through the teachers and the students and just won't go away. 
I know all of this will be worth it and before long I won't even remember all the trouble I went through!

By the way, if you are interested in learning

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