Monday, April 21, 2014

Snow Make-Up Day

Today was the first day back after spring break.  I won't lie-I was not ready for the alarm clock to go off this morning.  We spent part of our spring break vacation saying a final goodbye to my husband's grandfather.  A wonderful, Christian man I have had the pleasure of knowing for 17 years.  He will be missed, but we will see each other again. 
Today was a day taken to make up for the many snow/ice/inclement weather days we had this year and I was not ready to return.  This morning seemed to be on auto-pilot for the first part.  Needed a little more caffeine I suppose.  With projects already going on I could not give the same lesson to the kids or let them continue on with what we are working on because they would be ahead of all their classmates in the rotation.  So on days like today I got to do lessons I usually reserve for a substitute teacher.  Activities that are just for fun and don't pertain to a unit.
Sometimes we just have to put it on auto-pilot. 

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