Thursday, June 5, 2014


I am all out of steam.  My school has been testing all week and that includes me.  It reminds me of how I feel after sitting in the hospital all day or having to be at a funeral.  The whole place is too quiet, everyone seems a little on edge and by the evening when you get home you are exhausted, but you can't really understand why because you just sat all day.  I have found myself falling asleep in the chair and getting a 15-20 minute  power nap in the evening, not by choice, just falling asleep trying to catch up on email.
Oh well, the end is near.  If I had a sandwich board I would proclaim it for everyone to see!  I am ready but I know I will spend my summer getting ideas for next year and preparing for the year ahead-like I do every summer.
I hope everyone out there has a great break and I will be back in August to pick up where I left off.

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