Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I won a grant!

OK, yes this is me.  Monday morning, two days from Thanksgiving Break, and about 10 in the morning.  I could have used another cup of coffee, but instead I got a big check!  This is my grant check selfie.  We won't discuss the need for mascara in this picture.
However, that smile does tell it all.  I was super excited!  I have not written a grant proposal in years.  We will call it complacency, however laziness might have something to do with it.  I wrote the Education Foundation grant request for a project on self portraits.  I did not just want to do self portraits though.  I wanted the kids to look at themselves and consider not just their physical attributes but the qualities about themselves that makes them special or unique or just who they are.  The grant also included the request for self portrait prints.  I wanted to show students the variations of a self portrait.  How emotions play a role in how we see ourselves.  So the idea is to let them draw themselves, no training.  See what happens.  Then to teach them the proper placement and proportion rules and show them how great master artists have painted themselves for hundreds of years.  Once they have a completed drawing the rest is up to them.  They have to ask themselves how they see themselves.  So the results should be interesting. 
A guess selfies are nothing new.  But I won a grant for it!  

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