Monday, December 8, 2014

The Art Teacher Needs a Time Out

Today was a rough day.  I came back after taking my son to the doctor last Friday afternoon.  That is not a great way to come back.  The end of the week is a chance to clean up and regroup for next week.  I did not get to do that.  I have felt like I am on a hamster wheel today.  I left my bag at home-coffee (precious, precious coffee) at home, my lunch, notes about plans--everything at home.  Then I get the text messages about teachers absent today and due to the lack of substitute teachers we absorb classes. This has led to questions and tension and me taking on more responsibility than I thought I would have on my Monday morning.  Did I mention the no coffee?
I push through.  I work the kinks out.  Then the lessons that I planned turned south quickly.  They weren't understanding.  I kept explaining.  I continued to demonstrate.  I walked around making comments and suggestions and reminders and criticisms.  Then I looked at the clock, only five minutes before they are supposed to leave.  Well, this did not go well.
Reflect-what did not work???  Try again with the next group.  Nope, still not working.  Review, re-explain, demo again.  And it is time to go again.  That's it!!  I give up! Just color until it is time to stop-the art teacher is going to go hide behind her computer screen and dream about the coffee that is still at home.

Tomorrow is another day.  I will try again tomorrow.

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  1. I don't have near the number of students as you, but I can relate. As my parents always say, "This to shall pass" Hope you're having a better week. Happy Holidays!