Monday, February 16, 2015

Kindergarten meets Jim Dine Hearts

I have one class of kindergartners that I see twice in a rotation, which means I have to create one lesson just for this group.  This past rotation I decided to just let the kids paint.  They needed a little time to just be creative without so many restrictions or rules or even directions.  I decided to embrace the hearts of Jim Dine with these little ones.  I showed them pictures and then gave them a huge piece of paper.  I showed them how to draw a heart using the alphabet.  Short letter "m" on top and letter "V" on the bottom.  The I put out the paint palettes and let them go.  It was 30 minutes of painting bliss.  Happy hearts were all around and there were no wrong answers.  Loved it!  Kinda wish every art class was this fun.

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