Friday, October 23, 2015

Workday Success

Today was a workday in our county.  I desperately needed to work in my classroom and lucky for me, my little man enjoys preschool so I had no guilt about working at school today.  The days the kids are not here are so productive.  I wish the county would give us one a month, just to catch up on paperwork, bulletin boards, grades, and lesson plans.  I think it would lead to happier teachers, but hey, what do I know-I just work here.
Anyway, this is my big aha moment of the day.  I reworked my "I Can" board and used this chart I already had in the classroom.  I made grade level cards and then laminated sentence strips and I write the statement for the week of what each grade is doing.  At the bottom I added "New Vocabulary", this way I can address the terms for each lesson and at the end of the week they get stapled to the bulletin board that is now being used as a word wall.  (not pictured)
The statements are very broad and general at the moment but I think the kids will notice the statements and it will prompt questions and help some of the vocabulary stick in their minds.  
Now back to some more lessons, examples and "getting stuff done"!

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