Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cleaning, end of the year drawings and my plans for the summer

So we only have a few days left-Friday is the last day for the kids and there is an energy in the school.  We have been giving out awards the past couple of mornings and will do this all day tomorrow.  Then we come back to our room and teach for the rest of the day.  During the afternoon classes we have been doing the normal-draw what you are doing for summer vacation.  I have started talking about visual literacy and learning to describe a picture.  I have introduced the lesson by having kids close their eyes and then we take a trip to the beach.  I describe the experience using the five senses.  After a few minutes of creating this mental picture, I talk about how a picture by an artist does the same thing.  The artist is creates a picture that tells some sort of story and the viewer interprets the image.  This is one of the things I am going to focus on and do better with next year.  My students are amazing artists, but they are needing a stronger foundation of the vocabulary and the critiquing of art.
Now, as for the cleaning that I mentioned in the heading.  I have had three wonderful 5th grade girls helping to clean and organize my supply closet.  This closet is a blessing.  But after leaving suddenly last year and not starting the school year with my kids and being here on the workdays it had taken on a life of it's own.  These girls have come in for two days and hauled trash to the dumpster, put things into containers, and even labeled the containers and shelves.  Love these girls.
Now I am going to be busy this summer getting my curriculum ready for the fall.  Planning, planning, planning!  But I have a list of things I am doing for me (and my house and husband).  Reading is high on the priority list, fun with my little one-who is one, and into everything these days.  Play at the park and relax.  Just three and half more days....then relax.

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