Monday, June 11, 2012

Today did not start like I thought.

Today has not gotten off to the start I expected. 
Last week I rearranged my room a little.  I moved my desk to the back of the room by the cabinets so I can actually hang my coats up.  I created to free draw/ computer areas for the kids to use next year and I could not have been happier about all of the small changes.
Well I came in this morning and there were little bitty black ants all over my desk, my paper cutter table behind me and even inside my desk.  They were just coming in and running a muck, there was no food or anything spilled.  AAAAHHHH!  Okay, I like nature but I do not like ants.  I have spent the majority of the morning cleaning with bleach spray and spraying ant spray around the window sill, (which was the other reason I wanted to move my desk, so I could look out the window). 
Oh well, just 3 days of workdays and then I will be enjoying my summer vaca with my little one.  Good times ahead!

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