Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer post

I have been very busy this summer with my little boy.  He is almost 14 months, so you can imagine how busy my days are.  We have been having so much fun!  We got in a trip to the lake, have played in the pool, and gone for lots of morning walks.  Though I have been trying to wrap my brain around back to school planning and lesson plan reformatting.  It has been good to have time to do both, play with my little man and prepare for next year.  Though not to sound boring I have managed to get some reading in (which never seems to happen during the school year), clean out some clutter (don't think that will ever end), and start working out (thank you "30 day shred").  I am hoping to get in a little video gaming and drawing in before it all comes to an end in a month or so, but in the meantime, I hope everyone's summer is going great and I will post again soon.

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