Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Great project from pinterest

This is a project I saw on Pinterest.  The website is not in English so I can not give any other details because I have no idea what it says.  I did this with 4th graders and the results (so far) are awesome!  Each student was given a 2" x 2" piece of paper (very small, but this way everyone gets to finish), and can use markers, colored pencils or crayons.  They traced circles that were the same size and were told they had to place the circle on the diagonal corners to create their arch.  This way all the arches lined up.  They were then allowed to create whatever design on their square they wanted.  So far the kids love creating the circles and watching it all come together with their classmates.  I toyed with the idea of making them all come together as the whole fourth grade, but I decided that the individual teachers might like to display them in their room later.  Plus, I can put the squares down quickly if they cover the back with glue. 

I am tying this in with art by Frank Stella.  He has work at the NC Museum of Art (Ragga ii) that is part of the permanent collection.  I remember this work from my first visit to the museum and I am so happy to use it as part of a lesson.

PS~ Sorry for the lines-I took the picture of the pictures already in the window.


  1. A great group display - and each one is so individual :) Did you know you can get a google translate button which enables you to easily translate webpages in other languages. Go to http://translate.google.com/translate_buttons, click on 'english' and drag it up onto your toolbar. Hope that's helpful.... I'd love you to visit me at Dream Painters :)

    1. Oh wow, thanks so much Elizabeth, that is so helpful and simple! I will definitely remember this for next time. Thanks for the interest in the post. I look forward to following Dream Painters.