Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Views of the room

I have been a blogger slacker! 
There has just been so much going on.  Great things but busy.  So since school started I waited patiently for the plan book I ordered to come.  It got lost in the order shuffle.  After getting that sorted out, my plan book came about 2 weeks after school started.  I spent 3 days getting that organized and things written down and could relax about my classes. 
Kindergarteners are now coming all together and they are a very sweet crowd.  I am looking forward to projects with this group because they have been very capable so far.  We only drew two shapes, a self-portrait, and went over the colors, but they were very with it.  By the afternoon (2 o'clock) they are so tired from the days earlier activities that they don't have much enthusiasm, but I have only have 1 to fall asleep.
I also got around to taking pictures of the room.  I could have taken these before the kids came but it was honestly just as messy then as it is now.  I think it is "good messy", a mess of progress!  I also know that I love looking at other peoples rooms.  I love the great ideas I see.  Plus we have a few weeks before open house, this is a way for parents to check out the room their child goes to once every seven days.

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