Monday, September 29, 2014

This week

New projects starting tomorrow (finally).  I feel like these rotations are dragging.  Oh well, on to new things.
Kindergartners will learn to draw owls using various geometric and organic shapes.  We will work on new terms and vocabulary with this lesson and create fun, non-Halloween, October lessons.
First graders get to paint their color wheel pictures they created with traced circles we turned out traced circles into birds and are discussing the primary and secondary colors.  This was originally meant to be a one day picture, but I realized quickly that they needed 2 days to complete the project.
Second graders learned how to measure with the ruler and divide the paper into 6 even sections.  They have been finishing with Kandinsky inspired circles colored with oil pastels and paint over the paper with black tempera. They are going to practice with the ruler again and create angled sections to paint.
Third grade are starting the outer space unit.  I will spend part of the class introducing science vocabulary and showing videos from the NASA webpage.  We are going to do a different lesson from years past using chalk pastels and creating these beautiful soft images of celestial bodies.
Fourth grade will begin the lesson on the NC Lighthouses.  This rotation will focus on the introduction of one point perspective and will work to create a specific North Carolina lighthouse next rotation.
Fifth graders are working on OP art again and learning to shade and add value.  This will be the first time we have done this lesson, so I am hoping for great things from all my students.
Well that is our upcoming rotation.  Hope everyone has a great week!

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