Monday, September 15, 2014

What Is Going On In Art?

At least we are doing artwork, but it is slow going.  We are gradually getting a few pictures up on the wall and starting to get some marks on papers.  Kindergartners are still coming to art for the first time and so I am still introducing emergency procedures, but they are getting a few minutes to draw a picture of their family.  I am taking them up so I can look at where they are in ability level.
First graders are creating line fish which is a fun little drawing and gives me a chance to review line and see how our fine motor skills have progressed.  Second graders have the grueling task of learning to use the ruler properly and to measure and draw straight lines.  Next week we are going to have fun with the picture and turn them into a Kandinsky inspired crayon resist (pictures to follow).  Third graders are creating fruit bowl paintings inspired by Cezanne.  This is a two day project that has helped review paint procedures and clean up.  Fourth and fifth graders are creating graphic organizers for the elements of art.  I saw this on Pinterest.  It is going pretty good and it does make students review measuring.
   All in all things are going fine, just very slow.  I feel like things are moving at a snail's pace, but I have art shows to put up and deadlines looming.  I am still reviewing the curriculum plans for each grade.  I am wanting to give the kids the best year, but there are some many changes this year.  I just hope I can get it together before Christmas.

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