Thursday, April 23, 2015

Art Teachers teach Everyone

I am writing today partly as a reminder to myself.  Art teachers and other "specials", enhancements" or whatever fancy term the school uses often teach everyone.  We are not given 16-29 little darlings to care for as our own for 180 days we are given 900, 950 or a thousand kids to nurture and help grow.  We try to enrich their lives, teach them about the big wide world and also incorporate all the other areas of study going on inside the classrooms.  We learn their names, often times we know their issues or needs, we cater to their behaviors.  Sometimes there is that particular class that is extra needy because there are so many with special ways they need to taught and helped.
This is daunting but I have always felt it was my true gift from God.  Yes, I was blessed with an ability to draw and paint and create things.  But I think more importantly I was given a gift to love and appreciate a thousand kids and all their quirks.  It wears us down.  But we come back each day.  We try harder than the day before to be better and do more.
We are often the forgotten.  Since there is no rigorous test in our area that must be completed and we don't fit the mold of standardization  we are brushed to the side.  We are planning time for our peers, we are bathroom breaks and we are support staff.
We are the support!  The support for the teachers, the kids and each other.  And a house without supports will fall every time.

In case no one has told you, thank you for making a difference today.  Thank you for your support.

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