Monday, September 28, 2015


It's the most wonderful time of the year.
Truth is, I love the autumn!  It is my favorite season for artwork.  I have been trying to acclimate myself to my new school and the increased duties I have at home and so I have been a lazy blogger.  I am trying to balance work and being a mommy to a four year old with a husband that has been in the field until well after 8 some nights.  I am getting there.
The school I am at is very different in terms of demographics and even prior art knowledge.  It has been an adjustment to understand that some kids have not been taught things that I would have assumed they knew.  You know what they say when you assume, well that is how I felt for about a week.  I really looked at the lessons I have been teaching for years and I had to tweak them.  I had to add things at the beginning to make sure the kids understood the concepts.  I also looked at previous year plans a guide but not a definite plan.  I am becoming flexible.

Here are some paintings by first graders.  This is a lesson that would have been review for my first graders last year, but was new skills for these kiddos.  They got to paint which was apparently huge for these babes.  Painting was a rarity last year for these kids, so the pure joy of painting was overwhelming.  You couldn't help but be as excited as they were.  Hope you enjoy.  Happy Fall y'all!

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