Monday, January 25, 2016

Pictures of the room

Hello there,

So this was me on Friday, the icepocalypse turned it into an optional workday for teachers.  The roads were not that terrible and I took little Parks to my parents for the day.  I came in and worked on some ASW stuff and lesson stuff and I got a lot done.
I have also worked on the room.  Since these pictures were taken I have changed the tables so I will have to take a new picture, but this is my classroom. (I swear if I stare at the furniture too long I end up moving it around-I do the same thing in my house!) I put all the prints around the room (with the help of the tall p.e. teacher) and I made a few changes to the shelves and where supplies were kept.  I know how fun it is to check out other art teacher classrooms.  A lot of my new stuff has come from changes Cassie Stephens made to her classroom this year and posted on her blog.  So here are my pictures, I hope they inspire someone!

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