Tuesday, January 12, 2016

this week in art

I don't usually help with poster contest, but I like the p.e. department.  We are doing "Jump Rope for Heart" posters.  I am relating these to Jim Dine (because his heart paintings make me happy) and it just seems right. Kindergarten are learning to draw hearts (good ol' letter "m" and letter "v") and then are creating Jim Dine inspired hearts. Same with first grade.  Everyone else is creating their own thing.  We are looking at ideas from earlier logos and discussing healthy choices.  They are also encouraged to incorporate the theme this year with the lifesaver pups.
So this week is not that exciting in the art world, and next week we have Dr. King holiday and workdays (God bless workdays!)  Should post pictures soon of some great artwork by the kiddos.
Happy January!

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